Make the most of your talents to create the kind of multi-user world you want to use.

Like all mods, none of us get paid.  But we do get glory, a chance to learn new skills, a foot into the games industry, and a kick ass portfolio.

Esc is run a little differently than most mod projects, it's run in the open source tradition. We don't have a fixed team, instead anybody can contribute whatever they want. If you have an idea, describe it on the esc-discuss mailing list, and maybe we can make it even better.  We can use levels, models, coding, everything.

Map Making

Map making for Esc is just like for UT2004, but with a single change: Put a single "EscMusicSource" object (from package EscMusic) in your map, wherever you want the sound to come from. That's it!



martin at martincmartin dot com