M.C. Spanky

M.C. Spanky conceived the project in the summer of 1999 and has been leading it ever since. He's also the lead coder and lead designer. Send email now: martin at martincmartin dot com

DJPaul is currently a student and has just completed his English Language A-Level at college. He has worked on 'Modus Moriendi', the award-winning 'The Coop Project' and the magnificent 'Chaos UT2'.




San Diego based Graphic Designer, UT mapper, 3d monkey, and general mod whore.  Loves gaming, comics, music, and frequently falls victim to the depredations of the deadly Butterschnopps.

Awaiting Bio.

Trance Masters who created the song "Destination Skyline," and were good enough to let us ship it with Esc. Check out their web site.

Billy Boy
A physicist working on NASA project, Billy Boy contributed network code. A sports fan and a rather good swimmer, he likes playing games and is currently dwelling on Diablo II. He's currently working towards his Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon University.

ÐJ Kât
Is a Graphic Designer and a Dj.  She's working towards her high school diploma and is then going to SAIT to take the new media course to become, later on in life, a graphic artist for PC Games.  She has been working with computers since the age of four and has been playing the piano since age two.  Creative and energetic shes always got some idea floatin in her head, and that is why when she's hosting her server on Unreal, players fear her when she suddenly stands still...  Because something always changes after that.....

Leech Demon
The Demon is currently residing in the realm of Pittsburgh, harbored at it's Art Institute as a student of Computer Animation. Leech has over 5 years experience in modeling and mapping. Favorite games currently include "Star Craft: Brood War" and "Street Fighter Alpha 3", favorite bands include "Nine Inch Nails" and "Garbage".

Mad Merv
Mad Merv Dot Com

Former lead artist MGanda joined the team in September, 2001 while attending school for computer animation. Now living in Clevland, he's worked on character animation as well as coordinating the other artists and tying everything together.

Nemesis is an undergraduate Film Major at the University of Kansas. An experienced UnrealScripter, he was the head programmer for the Unreal Movie Studio project and was also once the head programmer for the Strike Force total conversion for UT. His favorite game of all time is the original X-Com.

Donated the Kasahee model. Check out his site.

Saturnite recently graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Computer Animation.  Currently he's trying to slither into an entry-level position in the gaming industry.  He worked on some modeling, animating and character design for Esc, earlier in the development.  He also has a webcomic worth checking out at retail.keenspace.com

Dr. SiN
We use the "Window Replication Info." Check out his site.

Space Grrl
Kick ass web designer. Check out her web site. Give her a job.


martin at martincmartin dot com