Esc (pronounced "escape") is a 3D first and third person perspective online nightclub for the PC. A new way for people to socialize online, it combines music, dance, chat, and will provide scripted and live performances, and detailed customization.

Chat while listening to the DJ spin, then watch the band perform. Head to the dance floor and bust out your moves, which gets you better clothes, tickets to the back room or magic pills. Some pills give you new abilities, others change your appearence, still others change the way the world looks. Create your own dance moves, or entire scripted performances complete with special effects. Or just take a few good friends to a secluded booth or overlook and talk the night away.

In Esc people will be able to:

  • Choose their name and body, and find different clothes and looks once online.
  • Perform open ended dance moves by pushing buttons in rhythm with the music. Think Dance Dance Revolution meets Tony Hawk.
  • Chat using text and simple animated expressions (e.g. wave.)
  • Take pills that give new abilities, change their appearance, change the way the world looks, etc.
  • Create their own dance moves or entire performances, complete with special effects. This could become a new medium and venue for machinima (movies made with 3D games.)
  • Start their own club with music from their own CDs or MP3s.
  • Leave messages with the bartender for other people, or teach the bartender responses to common questions or phrases, similar to infobots on IRC.

Esc is a total conversion for Unreal Tournament 2004. We replace almost every aspect of the game with our own, so that each multiplayer server running UT2k4/Esc becomes it's own nightclub. You will need a copy of Unreal Tournament 2004 to join.

More details can be found on our Features page.

martin at martincmartin dot com